Energy Trailer

The Energy Science trailer is available to come to your school.

Attendees at our E3 Workshops and Teachers we’ve connected with across the state have the opportunity to schedule the trailer for a week at their school to use the resources inside for FREE.

Included in the trailer are lab activity kits for solar, wind, and hydro energy generation and much more. The trailer itself is equipped with a cabin-size solar generation system. Instructional materials are included to make lessons easy along with multiple resources for additional projects and learning activities.

What’s in the trailer?

Solar Lab

Kit includes 10 labs on basic circuitry, simple wiring, polarity, and resistance. Challenge your students to make environmental calculations and optimization. The classroom will come with 2 heat lamps that can simulate solar activity.

Light Box

This tool can allow students to explore the use and efficiency of different light bulbs.

Horizon Renewable Energy Box

This is the most comprehensive kit in the classroom allowing students to understand many methods of generation, storage, and circuitry. This is a more advanced kit and allows for multiple experiments to happen at once.

NPK Soil Kits

When doing a site assessment soil samples must be tested. Students can perform up to fifty tests each for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels using non-hazardous methods. Available upon request.

Kill-O-Watt Meter

Students can use these to better understand efficiency, compare energy use, and test drain from things that are plugged in even when they’re off.

KidWind Kits

KidWind is about energy generation, exploring, and engineering. Students can create unique turbine blades and test their effectiveness. KidWind also hosts competitions across the country to see all the creative ways students might power our future.

KELVINĀ® Electrical Distribution Lab

Students can build and power homes while exploring how energy reaches its destination. The grid snaps together to supply energy to the town, or students can take their homes off the grid. Available upon request.

Hydropower Kit

Students can explore the power of moving water with this kit offering 12 experiments. These include understanding surface tension and water pressure. Available upon request.

Wind Power 2.0

Students can use wind turbines to electrify eight battery-powered vehicles, compete to generate power, and race each other to learn about energy generation. Classroom wind (fans) included!

Solar Pathfinders

Solar pathfinders are used to map the effectiveness of solar sites by assessors. These kits get your students up and moving. Pathfinder use is simple trace the obstacles and add up the totals to understand how effective a site will be at collecting solar energy.

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