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Wind Turbine Service Technicians

Wind Service Technicians or Wind Techs keep and eye toward the future of green energy


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Wind Techs are skilled members of a clean energy future. They ensure turbines are performing correctly ensuring operations are in order. They are excellent at troubleshooting and getting hands on to repair and maintain equipment. Use this page to discover more about Wind Turbine Technician jobs, education, and training in Minnesota.

We can’t get enough students in for the job prospects out there. Chances are, they will climb the ladder and get to a top pay scale in a short amount of time,”

Gary Olsen, Wind Technology Instructor, Minnesota West CTC

Education & Training

Wind Energy Mechanic, Diploma

Wind Energy Technology, A.A.S.

Wind Energy Technical Specialist, A.A.S.

What will you do as a wind turbine tech?

Troubleshoot or repair mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical malfunctions related to variable pitch systems, variable speed control systems, converter systems, or related components.
Perform routine maintenance on wind turbine equipment, underground transmission systems, wind fields substations, or fiber optic sensing and control systems.
Diagnose problems involving wind turbine generators or control systems.
Test electrical components of wind systems with devices, such as voltage testers, multimeters, oscilloscopes, infrared testers, or fiber optic equipment.
Test and troubleshoot electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic components and systems
Climb wind turbine towers to inspect, maintain, or repair equipment.
Maintain tool and spare parts inventories required for repair, installation, or replacement services.
Train end-users, distributors, installers, or other technicians in wind commissioning, testing, or other technical procedures.

Propelling the Future

Embarking on a career as a wind turbine technician unveils a world where engineering meets the great outdoors, offering a dynamic blend of physical activity, problem-solving, and environmental stewardship. A typical day in the life of a wind turbine technician begins with the first light of dawn, as technicians prepare for the day ahead. Equipped with safety gear, tools, and a detailed schedule, they gather in morning briefings to discuss the day’s objectives, safety protocols, and weather conditions. The job requires a blend of technical knowledge, physical agility, and a keen eye for safety, making every day a unique challenge.

Once briefed, technicians set off to their designated turbines, often located in expansive wind farms that paint the horizon with their towering forms. The journey to a turbine might involve driving through rugged terrain, followed by a climb up the turbine’s ladder—a physical task that demands fitness and a head for heights. Inside the nacelle, perched high above the ground, technicians inspect, maintain, or repair the turbine’s components. This could involve anything from troubleshooting electrical issues to lubricating moving parts or replacing worn components. The work is meticulous and requires a solid understanding of mechanical and electrical systems, all while wearing harnesses and safety equipment to prevent falls.

The role of a wind turbine technician is not just about maintaining machinery; it’s about being part of a team that’s pivotal in powering the future with renewable energy. As the day winds down, technicians descend, often witnessing breathtaking views during their descent or while working on the structure. There’s a sense of accomplishment in ensuring the smooth operation of technology that harnesses the wind to power our homes and businesses. For those drawn to a career that combines physical work, problem-solving, and a commitment to sustainability, becoming a wind turbine technician offers a rewarding path. It’s a career that not only promises a unique workplace with the sky as your office but also positions you at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, making a tangible impact on our planet’s future.

Other job titles for this role include: Field Service Technician, Renewable Energy Technician, Service Technician, Troubleshooting Technician, Wind Farm Support Specialist, Wind Technician, Wind Turbine Operator, Wind Turbine Service Technician, Wind Turbine Technician, Wind Turbine Troubleshooting Technician

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